Good Vibes in Rockaway

A great day for a group of friends that are looking to eat and drink their way through Rockaway.

Mode of Transportation: Did someone say Party Boat? Turn your ride out to Rockaway into a Good Vibes cruise by riding the NYC Ferry!  -OR- It's always  fun to hitch a ride with the Rockaway Beach Bus from Bushwick or Williamsburg.

What to pack: Overnight bag, Towels, Cooler,  Beach Chairs, Sunscreen, Beach Towel, Polaroid Camera, Volleyball, Wireless Radio, playing cards, Sweatshirts 

Route: Depending on your mode of transportation and whether or not you are spending the night, we'd suggest you start by check-in to your Air BNB, drop off your bags and get ready to hit the beach! 

Getting in ample beach time is key. So pack your cooler, throw on your swimsuits and head up to B86th Street. Plant yourself in the sand, get some snacks from Rippers and be sure to work on your tan lines. 

A short walk from Rippers is the Rockaway Brewing Co.  which is the perfect place for an afternoon beer on their patio or inside their cool concrete tasting room. It's also a great place to play a game of cards or one of their board games. If you are looking for a little snack Goody's  is just around the corner and they serve up some delicious and spicy Caribbean BBQ. 

Rockaway Beach Brewing Co. 

Rockaway Beach Brewing Co. 

From the brewery walk along Beach Channel Drive and head into Bungalow Bar for ice cold drink on their bayside deck. If anyone dares, next door at Thai Rock there is a floating water park called the Tarzan Boat. 

A short walk from the bay and you can find yourself at Uma's  on the Rockaway Beach Blvd for pan asian cuisine or Chicks 2 Go for some roasted Peruvian chicken, if you are looking for some light bites and a delicious wine selection Sayra's has an enchanting backyard or if you'd prefer to be in the AC, cool down at The Rock. 

If you head uptown to Beach 116th street you can find yourself some pretty awesome Rockaway Beach souvenirs. If you are all about rainbows and glitter, pop into Lola Star for a little sparkle. Lola also stocks products from the Rockaway Candle CoJust across the street is The Blue Bungalow which has unique seaside gifts, handmade jewelry and art. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 12.54.35 PM.png

There is live music most nights of the week in Rockaway. Check the EVENTS page on our website to see what is happening at the concessions. You can also grab either The Rockaway Times or The Wave for a list of all of the events in Rockaway. 

For the evening, depending on the vibe you are look for....

Beach 97th Street Concession (Low Tide Bar) plays host to an array of musical talent. There are a number of local cover bands, classical rock bands and all sort of DJ's that play throughout the summer. Shows are from 6pm - 10pm. 

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Beach 106th Street (Caracas) Caracas has great South American DJ's, local cover bands and classic rock bands and is notably known to be the home to local band Big Squid that transforms throughout the summer with a revolving number of members, Shows are from 6pm - 9pm.

Beach 86th Street (Rippers) plays host to more experimental music gigs. Rippers also hosts a number of local rock bands, Brooklyn bands, vinyl nights, country, honky-tonk, classic rock, DJ's spinning funk and soul. Shows are from 6pm - 9pm. 

Rockaway Beach Surf Club hosts a number of events throughout the summer; surf movies, DJ's, film festivals, art openings. 

Bungalow Bar hosts a weekly country night, Bingo night on Monday evenings (need info)